Gürkan Kurtkaya

He was born in 1965.
Lived in Bursa till he started his education in Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering.
There he started playing drums and was head of the music club for a while.
He entered the film business in 1990 as a graphic artist then continued
as an editor.

A multi-awarded film director who shot numerous highly-appreciated tv commercials in Turkey. A few of his many unforgettable commercials are: Shubuo, Doritos, İş Bankası (with Atatürk), Türk Telekom (with Dostoyevsky's Raskolnikov) and the recent Anadolu Efes' flash mob surprising the AE basketball team. 

Since June 2013, Gürkan is a principal member of the Filmpark team of directors.

  • Arçelik - Telve
    Arçelik - Telve
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    VMLYR İstanbul
  • Bazı hediyelerin yeri başka... Karaca
    Bazı hediyelerin yeri başka... Karaca
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Y&R Istanbul
  • Dacia Duster #hakkınıver
    Dacia Duster #hakkınıver
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Publicis Istanbul
  • Akbank İstanbul Film Festivali (Director
    Akbank İstanbul Film Festivali (Director's Cut).
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
  • Volkswagen - Aşk
    Volkswagen - Aşk
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Media Turgul DDB
  • Türk Telekom "Suç ve Ceza"
    Türk Telekom "Suç ve Ceza"
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Publicis Yorum
    Türk Telekom
  • Anadolu Efes
    Anadolu Efes
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    TBWA İstanbul
    Anadolu Efes
  • İş Bankası "Atatürk"
    İş Bankası "Atatürk"
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Medina Turgul DDB
    İş Bankası
  • Çamlıca - Zil Director
    Çamlıca - Zil Director's Cut
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
  • Doritos "Alaturca"
    Doritos "Alaturca"
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Alice BBDO
  • Dankek "Magma Pele"
    Dankek "Magma Pele"
    Gürkan Kurtkaya
    Medina Turgul DDB
  • Sho "Muzik Paketibuo"
    Sho "Muzik Paketibuo"
    Gürkan Kurtkaya

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